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Sunday, 25 April 2010

My first entry, hmmm...

Hello all!!

Im honestly a bit confused as to what this is. My friends from halls last year all seem to have this blogging thing and to be honest I'm jumping on the bandwagon! However, it does seem quite odd that the thoughts going round in my head will most probably end up being typed up onto a computer screen where other people can read it, completely different to a diary which is supposedly private. Ah well eh, cant complain can I as I've joined now!

So this will be my place to rant from now on. I'm hoping it will lessen the amount of bitching I seem to do about people to my friends, family and boyfriend, as if you know me then you know I am destined to bitch 24/7. It's only where I don't honestly have the guts to tell people what I think, too scared to tell them to shut up or piss off. So from now on if I have a problem I'm just going to turn to Mr Laptop here and tell him everything (so my apologies if there is ever a post on here about you!)

Here goes!


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