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Sunday, 2 May 2010

I dont know who to talk to or where to write, so it shall be here.

Yes, this is my second blog, and probably my most 'down' one. I just honestly dont know who to turn to to talk to in fear of boring them with unnecessary moanings and crying spells, and as I dont have a diary then I'll write here. Today someone close to me died. Someone who did so much for me and my family when they didn't have to, when they were so poor themselves they went and bought me most of my baby stuff, childhood toys, all out of the goodness of their own heart. And telling people that he died, and explaining who he is to me and my family makes people just think he was nothing. I can tell that they think because he wasnt blood that he doesnt matter, like he must have been someone so distant to me. And it made me realise how small minded society as a whole really can be. To me, family isnt blood. Family isnt sharing the same surname or having a tag like 'grandma', my whole life my close family has been a large group of people, none of whom have shared the same surname as me except for my own mother. Blood is nothing, friendship and love is everything. Rest in peace Eric, for you have done so much for me and my 'family', and I will forever be eternally grateful to you xxxxx

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