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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

What a difference a year makes!


This time last year everything was so different.

This time last year was the last week of living in halls, the week where arrangements were being made, belongings being packed away into boxes, and a hell of a lot of tears shed.

In all honesty, this time last year I would have chopped off my own legs to have lived there just for another few months. I loved every single second, every single smile and every single memory. Halls was a place never to forget, never wanting the leave the most amazing experience behind to start a new chapter, just pure longing to stay in this one.

I cried continuously for three days when I left. I cried the whole day before leaving packing my stuff up. I cried the whole 6 hour journey home. I cried the whole next day at home before going on holiday with my girls, I even cried on that. I could have lived there forever.

But then came this year.

This year, a few weeks in I was talking to people about spare rooms, already thinking of moving out. I stuck 14 Henwick avenue out, I'm still here in its dirty filthy messy living room writing this. It's held very few memeories, very few good times to remember. It's seen its up, but my god its seen its downs. We've been lucky however, although the four of us have made it quite clear that we just simply dont really like eachother, we've not really argued. Thank god.

With Kate and Briar moved out, it's just me and Maria. And I cant wait now to have the place to myself to chill out on my own for a bit before moving over to my next little house.

3rd year will bring new adventures, new excitements, and I've got a little butterfly in my stomach in the apprehension that it may resemble halls again.

It was hard, but I think I made the right decision.

2 Blenheim Road and a full summer in Worcester, here I come! xxxxxxxx

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